Behind the Scenes of Breeding

Disco Berries 43 Macro
Disco Berries 43 Macro
Approximately seven years ago, our company began developing our well-known strain, Hazelnut Cream, which is a combination of Miami Haze and Cookies & Cream. Hazelnut Cream has a unique flavor profile of chocolate, curry, and parmesan, with a subtle hint of melon. We were even able to incorporate a fruity taste similar to the Zebra gum from the past!

With Hazelnut Cream being our signature strain, we used it to sow over 100 individual plants. We cut, test, and wash every single one of those plants to find the highest cannabinoid percentage. The selection process of the plants involved the highest traits of interest. After seeing our results, we narrowed our decision to the ones that contained the most pronounced flavors from the washes. Starting with a handful of males to test against the ones that washed the best, we found that 1/10 males would have the ultimate traits. After generations of modifying the desired performance, our team has achieved enhancing the quality and potency of the males with different terpene profiles. Then boom! Repeat the process.

At present, we are growing around 700 to 1500 plants in a cycle per month to ensure that    the process of creating new strains runs smoothly. When we learn about the new zygosity of traits, we compare the dominant traits to the recessive traits. This comparison helps us to begin pairing the plants so that we can obtain the expected results from them.

Hazel’s Comet is a new strain that was created by crossing Hazelnut Cream with a combination of GSC and Star Dawg. This strain boasts an impressive appearance with its thick texture, desirable traits, and perfect shape. After creating this luxurious strain, we continued our efforts to find more rare strains and stumbled upon another extraordinary one, Holy Comet.

The male used in the discovery of the Holy Comet carried the highest potency covered in trichomes. This new creation performs in outrageous amounts of rosin and tests in the higher 20% cannabinoid range. Holy Comet also came with its very own “Bling Factor”: It was one of the more recessive strains with traits but accentuates any other conjoined strain.